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GlossNGlass Salon in Bangalore

When one of the best makeup studios and professional makeup training academy in the country come together to deliver a gorgeous new baby, it’s bound to be amazing! The GlossNGlass Salon is the newest addition to the GlossNGlass family with its impeccable service, expertly trained staff and a vibe that will make you smile. Beauty comes from taking time to connect with your self — body, mind and spirit. At GlossNGlass Salon, we create beautiful self-care experiences through luxuriously delivered therapies, spanning beauty, skin, spa and hair! Walking into the GlossNGlass Salon is not just something that you do to tick off some beauty services off your checklist. We believe that it should be a unique experience. Impeccable style, exceptional service, and a touch of magic define the GlossNGlass Salon experience. Whether you are coming in for the touch up for your hair colour or a full blown makeover, each service that we offer is an enjoyable experience for you. We have a list of services – from beauty to spa therapies that you can avail from at any given point of time. After all, why should you put a limit on your happiness? Our expertly trained team is one of the finest in the business. Enjoy the premium customer service, a gorgeous environment, caring staff and a stunning menu of grooming, therapeutic and cosmetic treatments mindfully selected and carefully combined to deliver the ultimate in inner and outer beauty. Finally a space in Bangalore to relax, rejuvenate and look your very best with where it all starts — you! Here is a list of our services that you can avail at our Bangalore outlet.

Salon Services

Hair Cut

  • Stylist
  • Senior Stylist
  • Advanced Hair Cut
  • Fringe Cut
  • Hair Trim
  • Beard Trim
  • Baby Boys Upto 10 Years
  • Baby Girls Upto 10 Years


  • Wash & Blow Dry
  • Ironing / Tonging / Crimping

Technical Colour

  • Global Colour
  • Root Touch Up
  • Per Streak
  • High Lights
  • Balayage / Ombre
  • Crown HighLights
  • Straightening / Smoothening
  • Keratin Treatment


  • Standalone Treatment
  • Add-On Treatment with hair colour or any chemical hair treatments

Head Massage

  • Coconut Oil
  • Aroma / Olive oil

Hair Spa

  • Deep Conditioning
  • Deep Nourishing Hair Spa
  • Hydrating Hair Spa
  • Smoothening Hair Spa
  • Repairing Hair Spa
  • Dandruff Treatment
  • Hair Fall Treatment
  • Damaged & Fragile Hair Treatment
  • Colour Treated Hair Treatment
  • Keratin Restore Treatment

Manicure & Pedicur

  • Mini Mani / Petite Pedi - 30 min
  • A basic manicure or pedicure with cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing and polish.

  • Classic Mani / Pedi - 60 min
  • A gentle cleansing and exfoliation with scrub is followed by a massage to create a sensory filled experience followed by pack that leaves your hands & Feet looking softer and younger. This service also incorporates cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing and polish application.

  • Paraffin Sense - 60 min
  • Paraffin has been used for years to assist in introducing nourishing crèmes into the skin. Results in unbelievably smooth and wrinkle free skin. Includes nail and cuticle care, exfoliation, massage, paraffin wrap with your choice of nail polish application

  • Signature Mani / Pedi - 60 min
  • A Relaxing Nail Strengthening Manicure & Pedicure that smells fresh like the sea! When life gets tough your nails gotto be tougher! This revolutionary nail kit is carefully curated to bring you the best of nail care. Sit back and enjoy this aromatic ritual while it strengthens your nails & softens your skin.
    This service also incorporates cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing and polish application.

Nail Care

  • Gelextensions (Extensions+ Gel Polish)
  • Acrylic nail extensions
  • Gel polish removal
  • French Gel polish
  • Gel nail polish
  • Refilling Per Nail

OPI Nail Lacquer

  • Cut, File & Polish
  • With Basic Mani/Pedi

OPI Infinite Shine

  • Cut, File & Polish
  • With Basic Mani/Pedi

OPI Gel Color

  • Gel Polish


  • Eyebrows
  • Upperlip
  • Chin
  • Lowerlip
  • Forehead
  • Sides
  • Full face (Excluding Eyebrows)
  • Eyebrows tinting


  • Full arms
  • Underarms
  • Full legs
  • Halflegs
  • Sides
  • Upperlip
  • Chin
  • Full face
  • Fore head
  • Fullfront/ Back
  • Halffront/Back
  • Fullbody
  • Stomach
  • Brazilian

Stripless Wax

  • Sides
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Full face
  • Fore head
  • Brazilian
  • Bikini line


  • Quick Clean-up
  • (Includes back scrub, tan removal, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, & Pack) Ideal for teens and under 25 skin, clean-up facials are excellent for unclogging pores and removing deep seated dirt caused by pollution factors.

  • Classic Facial
  • (Includes, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage & Pack)

  • Men’s Revitalizing Facial
  • Especially formulated for fairness & glow, this facial use product that are infused with essential oils to reveal radiant skin.

  • Skin Brightening Facial
  • Especially formulated for fairness & glow, this facial use product that are infused with essential oils to reveal radiant skin.

  • Anti-Ageing Facial
  • Great for mature and 30+ skin is suggested for defying wrinkles. Rejuvenating treatments are now appreciated world over. Speeds up metabolism, helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The active ingredients constitute grape seed extract, seaweed collagen, carrot extract.


  • Face
  • Full arms
  • Full body


  • Foot Massage(30minutes)
  • Back Massage(30minutes)

Massage Therapy

The use of aromatic essential oil as an integral aspect of body therapy helps to heal and alleviate pain. Pick your favourite from our aromatherapy collection to bring in maximum benefit to your body & soul.

  • Swedish
  • Swedish massage that relaxes the muscles of the body and stimulates mental and physical relaxation through rhythmic touch.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Gentle relaxing massage that uses custom blended essential oils personalized to address your specific needs. Let the essence of plant pep- up your body and sooth your senses.

  • Deep Tissue
  • Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Helps loosen muscle tissues & release toxin. The treatment is amplified by using specifically designed to relieve muscle tension and bring in deep relaxation.

Body Polish

Body scrubs are excellent way to exfoliate dead skin and keep skin looking young. The conditioning and hydrating benefits will leave your skin feeling so silky and smooth.

  • Creamy Chocolate Scrub
  • The creamy scrub gently exfoliates your skin leaving it clean and refreshed. And the rich chocolate refreshes and nourishes the tired mind and body, bringing a smile to the face.

  • Nourishing & Revitalising Almond- Geranium Scrub
  • Almonds are rich source of Vitamin E which is excellent for improving skin texture and tone. Combined with Geranium oil, this scrub is a wonderful treatment for healing blemishes. Provides natural glow by promoting blood circulation and removing toxins.

  • Refreshing Citrus Scrub
  • Refreshing citrus scrub is full of vitamin C, which has excellent cleansing & anti-ageing properties. Great for all skin types and makes skin extra soft and silky.

Body Wraps

(Available only as part of package) Ideally follows a body scrub; Body wraps are rich in minerals. Regular use allows the skin to absorb these minerals leaving the skin feeling healthy and supple.

  • Delicious Chocolate Wrap
  • Chocolate beside the great taste is known as a great skin food. It’s hydrating and moisturising properties tones and nourishes the skin.

  • De-Tanning Papaya & Lime Mud Wrap
  • Papaya & Lime benefits all skin types especially tanned and problematic skin. Helps removing blemishes, dark spots, evens out skin tone brings out the glow in your skin.

  • Refreshing Cucumber & Mint Wrap
  • A wonderful treatment for sunburns, de-tanning and general skin toning. The treatment tightens the pores and nourishes the skin besides having cooling effect.

  • De-toxifying & Slimming Mud Wrap
  • An excellent wrap for improving blood circulation, detoxification and reducing appearance of cellulite. It clears the build-up of toxins and excess fluids from the body.

Body Package

(Includes Massage,Scrub & Wrap)

Spa Package

  • Relaxing Spa Package
  • 2 1/2 hours
    Relaxing Foot Spa
    Swedish Massage
    Body Polish
    Body Wrap

  • Deep Relaxation
  • 2 1/2 hours
    Relaxing Foot Spa
    Facial of Choice
    Deep Tissue Massage or Aroma Massage

  • Couples Rejuvenating Package
  • 2 1/2 hours
    Foot Massage for the Gentleman
    Advanced Facial for Both
    Massage for the Lady of her choice

  • GNG Relaxing Package
  • 3 hours
    Facial + Eye spa
    Back massage or Polish
    Classic Manicure
    Classic Pedicure
    Hair Spa
    Waxing & Threading

  • GNG Femme Express Package
  • 2 hours
    Quick Clean-up facial
    Express Manicure
    Express Pedicure
    Deep Conditioning Hair
    spa Waxing & Threading

  • GNG Femme Premium Package
  • 3 1/2 hours
    Advanced facial Back massage or Polish
    Paraffin, Manicure, Paraffin Pedicure, Hair Spa
    Waxing & Threading

  • Men’s Ritual
  • 2 1/2 hours
    Relaxing Foot Ritual
    Men’s Revitalizing Facial
    Hair cut & Beard
    Hair spa

Bridal Package

  • Geeta/ Dipan
  • HD Makeup + hair + Saree/dupatta draping
    Air Brush Makeup + hair (Saree excluding)

  • Sr. Makeup Artist
  • HD Makeup + hair + Saree/dupatta draping
    Air Brush Makeup + hair (Saree excluding)

  • Jr. Makeup Artist
  • HD Makeup + hair +Saree/dupatta draping
    Air Brush Makeup + hair (Saree excluding)

Party Makeup

(Family & Friends)

  • Sr. Makeup Artist
  • Basic makeup + basic hair + saree drape
  • HD Makeup + hair + Saree/dupatta draping
  • Air Brush Makeup + hair (Saree excluding)

Bridal / Party- Hair Extensions

  • Rental
  • Natural Remy hair (customizable)
    Synthetic mix extensions

  • Purchase
  • Natural Remy extensions - Price on request

Self Grooming Training/Workshops

  • Makeup only
  • Makeup +Hair
  • Makeup + Hair + Saree

Contact GlossNGlass

Phone: +91 9205-043-044

GlossNGlass 3rd Floor,
#2 Haudin Road,
Yellappa Chetty Layout,
Sivanchetti Gardens,
Ulsoor Bangalore - 560042

GlossNGlass, #11, 2nd floor,
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