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BRIDAL MAKEUP in Bangalore(Wedding Makeup)

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. This is the day where everything has to be perfect! On this special day, the one person who is constantly by your side along with your family is your professional bridal makeup artist. They are the ones who are going to be there on the morning of your wedding and before all your pre-wedding functions, so you need to pick the right ones!

Our bridal makeup journey doesn’t begin on the event-day but the day of your booking. Your bridal makeup trial will determine the types of looks that you want, understanding your skin type and also designing your complete beauty look. Being one of the best makeup artists in Bangalore as well as across the country has its perks! We love our brides. We want you’ll to relax and just enjoy your bridal makeup! With ions of experience when it comes to professional bridal makeup, we make your dream look come true.

Products Used – Dior, Estee Lauder, Huda Beauty, NARS Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty, Chanel, Stila Cosmetics, Loreal, Maybelline, Nykaa and more

Bridal Services Offered in Bangalore:

  • Professional Bridal Makeup - HD Makeup and Airbrush Makeup (Including Hairstyling)
  • Bridal Jewellery - Rental /Purchase
  • Hair Extension – You can choose to rent or purchase synthetic and natural Remy hair extensions


You don’t need to be a bride to get your glam on! Our party makeup services are customised according to what your requirements are. Whether you are a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding or if you have a special anniversary dinner to get to, we ensure that your look is complete with the best makeup and hair in Bangalore!

Our products are one of the best in the makeup business, so your skin is well taken care of. You can book an appointment at our gorgeous makeup studio or salon or even chose to have us over to the venue of your choice. Your Cinderella fairy-godmother will be there for you!

We offer special packages for party makeup booking for 3 or more people, so if you are looking to book with us, contact us for further details.


  • Jewellery - Rental /Purchase
  • Hair Extension – - You can choose to rent or purchase synthetic and natural Remy hair extensions


Running a makeup academy is no small feat. But along with makeup, we also offer hairstyling services at our makeup studio as well as salon. It may be your big day or you may be looking for just a gorgeous hairstyle, our hairstyling service has your back. While we offer hairstyling along with all our makeup services, you can also choose to opt for it individually

We have an expert team of professionals who can design any hair look for you, starting from simple curls to intricate braids. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh blow-dry?


When the world of fashion beckons, we emerge! With over years of experience of working on commercial sets and the creating calm out of a fashion show’s backstage chaos, we know our way around commercial and fashion shoots.

Along with fashion weeks and runway shows, we also do ad-campaign shoots for various brands. Since we run a comprehensive set professional makeup courses in Bangalore, our budding makeup artists too get exposed to this work-line.

Our work isn’t limited to commercial shoots only, we also offer makeup and hairstyling services for private shoots like maternity shoots, pre-wedding shoots, family shoots and many more.

Bridal Makeup Bangalore(FAQs)

1. How much time does the professional bridal artist take for a wedding makeup?

All things considered, a bridal makeup artist takes about least 3 hours for wedding makeup, including the hair-do. It relies upon what sort of makeup you are settling on. If you opt for an Airbrush makeup technique it is similarly going to take less time as contrasted with traditional makeup.
Traditional makeup takes a lot more time than expected because it incorporates utilizing fingertips, brushes, and excellence blenders. If the bride wants to go with an advanced hair-do, then it takes more time than the usual one because more products and techniques are concerned that a bridal makeup artist requires to present.

2. Should I have a makeup trial before the wedding? Do you charge for them?

We always advise brides to opt for a trial makeup before the wedding because most of them haven’t applied such heavy makeup. To see how the bridal makeup looks on the wedding day can get overwhelming plus you will have more clarity on how you will look on your wedding if you opt for a trial makeup. We charge INR 3000 per look for the trial makeup. These charges are adjusted in the booking amount if the bride books GlossNGlass, Bangalore bridal makeup service within 15 days of the trial.

3. Will my bridal makeup last all night? What if I cry during the wedding?

High definition makeup lasts for a good 8-10 hours while airbrush makeup lasts for 12-18 hours. We at Glossnglass, The bridal makeup artist in bangalore use waterproof and water-resistant makeup products keeping in mind the emotions of the bride, so you can enjoy your wedding day without any worries.

4. What is Airbrush makeup ? Is it good to apply for my wedding?

Yes, Airbrush makeup is good to apply as wedding makeup! The method starts with the professional makeup artist choosing the shade, popping it into an airbrush gun, and misting it over your face In other words, airbrush makeup is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush tool instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. This gives you a very clean finish, giving that ‘airbrushed’ look to your skin naturally! The best Professional artist will know that touch goes an extended way. It won't be ideal if a makeup artist features a heavy hand and applies an excessive amount of product. Make your occasion extra special by selecting the Glossnglass Bangalore, the professional makeup artist certified by the center of city and guilds.

5. Which Eye makeup will look good on me?

No guesswork!!! The professional makeup artist at glossnglass,Bangalore knows well which combos will enhance the eyes best. Eye Makeup relies upon the structure and state of your eyes. Makeup Artist figures out which shape your eyes are - distending, downturned, deep-set, mono-lids, or hooded eyes. Eye makeup is constantly done by the shape and size of the eyes.

6. Do you provide hair accessories?Are there any extra charges for advanced hairstyles?

Hairstyle is also included with the makeup. The price remains the same if you choose the basic hairstyle. Whereas if you think of creating something elegant, that might be chargeable. The trending modern hairstyles include advanced mermaid braids and intricate hair-buns. Hair Accessories are usually included for the price, but one can bring their own hair accessories if they want to.

7. Do you travel all over India and aboard for bridal makeup?

Yes, We at Glossnglass, Bangalore bridal makeup artist traveled all over India and abroad and have done bridal makeup looks for various destination weddings including Greece, Italy, Dubai, Bangkok, and more. Our professional bridal makeup artist team is very supportive and has established an enduring connection with our clients that guarantees them full focus, the excitement remainder, elite time. Most importantly continuing and keeping up quality with varying times and refreshed aptitudes is the thing that gets Glossnglass, Bangalore an astounding 4.8 star client rating.

8. How much does indian bridal makeup cost?

We at glossnglass, Bangalore have different categories and artists for our HD/Airbrush/Premium makeup. Depending on what you choose, plus a number of events. Every individual has their own thought of a wedding makeup look. So, we at Glossnglass, Bangalore have a customized bridal makeup and hair package for our customers.

9. Why do I need Pre-wedding parlor services?

It is the biggest day of your life, and you are video-graphed, photographed by so many people! As a bride, you want to look nothing less than perfect, and we at Glossnglass are makeup artists in Bangalore. Prepping or preparing you for your wedding's picture-perfect bridal look needs more than one day. You need to have hair trials, makeup tried on, and saree tried on. To carry out a grand wedding ensemble in front of an audience too is a big fiesta. The pre-wedding preps are meant to make you the perfect bride and carry out all these together with the least effort! Call Gloss&Glass now for bridal makeup packages in Bangalore now!

10. What are the pre-wedding tips or to-dos for brides?

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and endless or exfoliation cannot be a match for the perfect bridal glowing skin. GlossnGlass has perfectly laid out ideas and techniques to get you to shine your bridal glowing skin. Bridal stress can be a great factor to harm the glow, our bridal package is a complete stress free solution for any bride to be! Book an appointment with our bridal packages specialist in Bangalore to know all about the pre-wedding tips for brides.